We’re so over boring workouts and frilly boutiques. We’re ready to turn up. Move Club Spin is designed as the ultimate combination of fun and exercise. We believe your workout should be the best part of your day - like a party you’ve been looking forward. Whether you’re a beginner trying spin for the first time, or an expert cyclist - we have a class to help you reach your goals.  So gather your favorite friends, and come party with us. We’ll see you on the dance floor, uh, we mean in the studio.

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Our Mission

To turn your workout into a party, and your party into a workout. Because is it really a great party if you're not sweating when the lights come on?

What to Expect



You shouldn’t have to choose between exercising and having a good time. Riding at Club Spin is more than just a workout - it’s a community. We crack jokes, meet new friends, and celebrate each other’s goals. It’s a party, and you’re always invited.



We like to get sweaty. Luckily, this spin class is so fun, you won’t realize how hard you’re working. Our 50 minute spin classes are created to amp up your cardio routine and help you work, work, work!!



A great ride deserves a great soundtrack. That’s why at Club Spin we’re all about helping you get your groove back while getting your groove on. We’ll bring the beats to keep you pumped up and pedaling hard.






We raised the bar on accuracy and reliability by putting the strain gauge power sensor directly on the resistance system. The sensor is protected from shoes and sweat, and directly wired to the console to eliminate wireless pairing, manual calibration or the need for batteries.


Magnetic Resistance

The unique calliper design of the resistance mechanism specifically accommodates the heavy perimeter-weighted flywheel that delivers the iconic Spinner® feel. Every turn of the knob delivers an equal increase without sudden jumps in resistance.


COlor Console

Say goodbye to batteries. The on-board generator not only drives the power measurement sensor, but also the always-on ultra-bright console backlight, and keeps the console on for three minutes after you stop pedaling. The console is Bluetooth compatible to share data with a smartphone and ANT+ compatible for heart rate straps and leaderboard pairing.


Performance ANALYTICS



Choose your bike and start the party!



 Monitor your performance data during class - including heart rate, calories, power, and RPM in real time using our group display monitors.



After your workout, you will receive an email with your personal data from class. Data will also be stored in your studio profile - allowing you to check  and keep track of your progress.



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Luann Brusa

Certificate: Mad Dogg

Family information: Married with two kids

Favorite Spin exercise: 20/10’s tabata flat sprint series

What got you into Spin: Martellus Bennett from the Chicago Bears

Describe your style of teaching: Strong and sweaty

What is the greatest gift you give to the clients: The best workout I can for their hour


Emily Schneider

Certificate: Madd Dogg

Family information: Mom of four - Cole, Camden, Calleigh and Kyla. Husband - Eric, dog Cooper

Favorite Spin exercise: Sprints

What got you into Spin: Finding a good low impact form of cardio to complement my Pilates practice

Describe your style of teaching: Beat driven dance party on a bike

What is the greatest gift you give to the clients: Positive energy and encouragement. Every single day 


Eric Schneider 

Certificate: Mad Dogg 

Family information: Married to Emily Schneider, Children Cole, Camden, Calleigh and Kyla and Coop the dog

Favorite Spin exercise: I Love to CLIMB!

What got you into Spin: A very persistent and crazy Spin instructor 

Describe your style of teaching: I really like to teach class to the beat and rhythm of the Music with a good mix of both in and out of the saddle spinning

What is the greatest gift you give to the clients: I like to believe that I can instill confidence in my riders to really push themselves and get outside their comfort zones while having a great ride


Susie Schmidt

Certificate: Mad Dogg

Family information: Married mom of three children

Favorite Spin exercise: TOUGH CALL...I LOVE CLIMBING THE MOST!

What got you into Spin: I have done it off and on for years because it is such a great cardio workout.  What really got me excited about it was the creation of our "SPINLATES" CLASSES

Describe your style of teaching: FUN AND POSITIVE

What is the greatest gift you give to the clients: TO MAKE THEM SWEAT WITH A SMILE!  I love a good ol' intense cardio workout but I also love to encourage my clients to believe in themselves that they can push it just a little harder every class


Krissy Adams

Certificate: Mad Dogg

Family information: Two Kids - Claire (12) & Carter (9) / Husband - Chad / Dog - Peanut (2) :)

Favorite Spin exercise: Sprints

What got you into Spin: A hamstring injury that prevented me from Running, so I took up Spin for my new form of Cardio

Describe your style of teaching: Music and Timing based. I like to work out with de limits, so I build my classes in the way

What is the greatest gift you give to the clients: Feeling accomplished at the end of a ride, whether it was because they showed up, outperformed their previous ride or hit a goal, I'm all about the take away that a good workout gives to you



Certificate: Mad Dogg

Family information:

Favorite Spin exercise:

What got you into Spin:

Describe your style of teaching:

What is the greatest gift you give to the clients:



Certificate: Cyclebar Cyclestar Trained & working on Spinning Certification as well!

Family information: Lives with my fiancé Justin and our Dog Cooper 

Favorite Spin exercise: Isolations! Work that booty!!

What got you into Spin: My love of spinning started in College. It was the first workout where I was consistently challenged throughout the entire class, but wasn't counting the minutes until it was over! It's you versus yourself in every class, and I still love pushing myself to be better and go further.

Describe your style of teaching: Surprise and delight

What is the greatest gift you give to the clients: Each class will be different, engaging, and challenging. I encourage you to set your own personal intentions and goals, and for you to commit to the workout you deserve!